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Top Difficult Challenges for Chinese Students in USA Universities

The majority of Chinese students opt to get better education abroad because of the development of China’s reform. Thousands of students go to the US to get higher education on an annual basis. However, getting accommodation is not easy as they are in an unfamiliar environment as well as have distinctive languages and traditions. Additionally, working on academic writing assignments is not easy since English is not their foreign language. Hence, this prompts them to ask for help from

In the US, Chinese students are the biggest group of foreign students in American universities. Moreover, they are among the international groups that experience immense challenges adapting to the educational system of the US. Some of them are as in the discussion below. 


Maintaining adequate inspiration and passion while studying is difficult for Chinese students in the US. They have to endure issues they have never come face-to-face with before and deal with them as they have no relatives there to rely on. So, how can they boost their motivation? Well, instead of losing themselves in drugs and alcohol, they should take part in leagues and various organizations, make friends, and immerse themselves in research. This helps in keeping their minds off things that may lead to depression. 

Language difficulty

It is easy for Chinese students to lose their confidence because the native language between China and America has different logic and background. It is hard for them to communicate with other students hence they become more inaudible and reticent. To deal with this issue, these students can consider taking reading and writing practices to boost their writing as well as communication skills. Interacting with other students on a regular basis can help them improve their language skills. 


Adapting to the traditions and cultures of another country can be difficult more so if they are not familiar to those of your native country in any way. Thus, some Chinese students may feel that they do not fit in that environment. But since they need to pursue their dreams and study, they should learn how these people carry out and conduct themselves. With time, it will be easy for them to live and lead their lives like them. 


Culture issues

The educational and cultural differences between the US and China contribute to their challenges in having effective communication with their instructors. For Chinese students to succeed in American colleges, they have to face and concur many challenges. If they keep internal inspirations, surmount language chasms, and convert their traditional cultural ideas into American thoughts, they would have rich and colorful lives in American colleges. 


Exams are very intense and intimidating. Additionally, they are demanding. So, this pushes several Chinese students to join the ACT or SAT to secure admissions in the American undergraduate universities. Today, undergraduate enrolments are more than before. So, these students ought to study as hard as they can to race to secure a chance. And since the competition is stiff, it will be stressful for these students. But, that should not mean that they should wear themselves out. They can ask for help in complex subjects from their instructors or professional writers. 

In conclusion, several students go to the US to get a higher education. The majority of these foreign students are Chinese international students. But, these students experience many challenges as they are not English natives and have different cultural practices from the Americans. However, this does not imply that they cannot complete their studies and pursue their goals. Above are some of the challenges Chinese students experience and the solutions they can use to deal with them.

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