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How Fabric Glue Can Save Your Time

What if you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to connect two edges of the fabric with stitching, what other option do you have? There is no better solution than the fabric glue. Fabric glue can make your sewing task much easier and you will be complete them in no time especially when it’s an emergency. The best thing is that you don’t require any kind of training or tutorials to use it on the fabric.

You can sew the basic parts of the fabric by the best basic sewing machine and attach the rest of the embellishments or edges with the help of fabric glue. Visit this video link of the best entry level sewing machine for more information about the sewing machine. Today in this blog we are going to tell you about how fabric glue is your time saver?

Fabric Glue for Patches:

No matter how much we love our favorite piece of the garment but someday we have to maintain it when it’s old.

Patch denim with fabric glue

If you are going through the same situation and one of your old denim jeans are going to be retired but you want to patch all the parts back up then glue can do this work for you. If you want to renew your ripped old denim then simply cut the patches from the other jeans and attach it with the help of glue.

Although glue can stick things temporarily it can last for days. Fabric glue is one of the most important things that should be in your sewing kit for an emergency purpose.

Fixing Hems:

Fabric glue is never going to fail you when have to rush in the 11th hour. At the last minute, it may happen that you are not really satisfied with the quality of hem and there is no time to sew it properly. Glue is the only thing that can save your dress and can bring finishing to the project as well. While you are joining hem to the fabric by glue, there will be no need to press it as well.

You can simply fix the hem and leave it for a few minutes to dry. You can later sew that thing and there will be no need to adjust as you can start using machine over already fixed hem. This trick is definitely not going to get you late for your important work.

For Basting:

Basting can be a headache for so many people who just don’t like to go back to rip out the stitches once they are done with the whole thing especially in quilting and other sewing projects. Instead of using long stitches, you can use glue as an alternative of basting stitches. Applying this glue on your project means that you no longer have to put extra efforts in ripping out stitches.

If you think that somewhere, glue is getting overlapped then you can use nose pin applicator to remove the tiny spots for finishing. You can stick the different pieces to each other by pouring glue on fabric in the dot-shaped to keep it safe from overlapping.

Pockets Placing:

In some of the shirts, you can see how patch pockets are crooked and no matter how hard you try, due to the fabric or thread problem, there will always be a complication. You can’t sew it all the time at best starter sewing machine so glue is the only option you have to complete the work in no time. Whether you want to attach pants pocket or of the shirt, the glue can provide temporarily fix.

Pockets Placing with fabric glue

Use glue on all the corners of the pocket and press it lightly with your fingers until you think that pocket is completely secured. Later you can sew it easily and glue is also going to secure the stitching in the best possible way. You can use the same way with any kind of pockets. This is going to save a lot of time.


Buttons are a big problem because they keep falling from their place and you have to fix them again and again with the help of needle and thread. At the time of sewing buttons if you are not securing them with the help of transparent nail polish then definitely you have to go through this problem frequently. Glue can temporarily fix the buttons of your shirt.

If you are sewing some fancy dress that needs stones and buttons on it but you have no time to work by hand then glue is the best option. Glue is not going to leave any marks on the fabric if you are using a good one and your embellishments are going to hold the place strongly. Simply pour glue in the form of dot and then stick them. Press it for a minute and leave to dry.

Pattern Patches:

You can renew any of your old piece of cloth with the help of fabric glue. Simply cut the patch from some other shirt or jeans and stick it to the current one. You can renew all of your clothing lines in this way and this is going to be a super fun project for you. If you are a beginner and attempting fun projects on a weekly basis then this must be your this weekend project.

Fabric glue is not going to take much time in completing the project and you don’t have to involve yourself in sewing. Once the pattern is fixed on fabric, then you can sew a straight line to make it more stable and fixed at its own place.


Fabric glue can be of great help if you are willing to add it in your sewing kit. At the time of emergency, this is the only thing that is going to keep your project together. Fabric glue can also help you in sewing faster by using an easy sewing machine for beginners and without many complications. You just have to simply pour it and start your work. This is kind of an emergency sewing tool for you and it’s always going to work.

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