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 If you are in Mumbai and willing to hire an escort for the first time, then this whole blog will make your job easiest. Each and everything that you require to know is available here. There are various things that you have never gone through in the past such as:


  • What is the way of dressing for a call girl when they meet their clients?

  • Is it allowed to take pictures or record videos of the escort?

  • What does half and half mean?

  • What should be done when an escort says ‘get comfortable’?

Here, in this blog, we will answer each and every question. Keep reading if you want to know more about the Call girls or you can say escorts.



What kind of dress a call girl wears when she will catch you up?


The good dressing sense of a call girl makes a major difference when she meets her client. Her sensual look raises a man at first sight. If the dress is not good and she is having too much makeup, then it can be tacky for the client. This will result in spoiling both of their moods.

Although, when you see an escort coming to you, she will never have an erotic dress. The reason is the public can doubt them and they don’t want to face any suspicion. Usually, escorts come in yoga dresses, a regular office dress, or a simple date dress. They never wear a dress that reveals her big ***, fatty buts, and curvy figure. So, if you are hiring an escort for the first time, then please ask her to come in a simple dress.

Is it allowed to take pictures or record videos?


Without the permission of your call girl, you can’t take her photos, record your intercourse session, or any other thing. Numerous people think that a call girl is having intercourse with him, then she will not mind clicking some pictures as well. Nice one, but this is not the way things should go correctly. Escorts also have an image in society and you must take care of it. If you want to take pictures of her then please ask her once. If she says no, then stop doing all this. 

Is your escort asking you for money?

When a man hires an escort online then taking and giving money is completely up to the agency she belongs to. When you hire an escort the agency will take the money from you and they have their own exchange with the escorts. But before or after having intercourse she asks you about money, then be alert she can be a cop. A real escort will never ask you for money. 

What to do when an escort says ‘get comfortable?

Nervousness is obvious when you meet a pretty lady for the first time. It is evident that your nervousness is still there even after 3 or 4 meetings. When a pretty Mumbai escortcomes to you and you are hesitating in front of her, then a call girl understands you completely here. 

Additionally, you will become more nervous while removing your clothes. In this situation, if a Call girl in Mumbai is going to the washroom and asks you to get comfortable, then she means to remove your clothes. Here, if you remove all your garments and lay down on the bed, it will relax your mind and ultimately you will become calm.

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