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How to make a loop youtube video

What could be more inconvenient and annoying than having to press "play" or "repeat" every few minutes? What if all you want is a quiet, unobtrusive musical background to help you get through your day without being interrupted by songs you didn't choose?

Video editors occasionally need to put a loop youtube video in order to pick out the smallest details or determine whether the audio and visual are compatible. We deal with looping in a wide range of situations, and there is only one general fix.

Publish the materials

On your smartphone, iPad, PC, or Mac, launch any browser and access Online Video Looper by Clideo. Click the "Choose file" button to upload your own recording or to make a selection. To access a dropdown menu and add any file from one of two cloud storage services—Dropbox or Google Drive—click an arrow next to the large blue button on the right.

Cut the video first and save the necessary portion if you want to loop a certain area.

You don't need to install Clideo on your personal device, wasting valuable memory, because it isn't an app. You can upload and edit up to 500MB without paying anything as long as you have a steady Internet connection, and it operates quickly and effectively.


Put a YouTube video on repeat

Select the number of repeats from the menu on the right (from 2 to 6). Accordingly, the bottom bar's clip length will adjust. To convert the image into a GIF, press the minus sign (in that case, your clip will be automatically muted).

Don't forget to change the output format, or just stick with the default. After selecting all of the options, click "Loop" and wait.

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Keep the video looped

Make sure you are satisfied with the outcome by viewing a preview.

If not, go back to editing and make all the required changes. Then, save the video or GIF to your computer or cloud storage.

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