NGC 7129 The small cluster nebula

Posted by Liors
on Saturday, June 13, 2020
NGC 7129 also known as the Small Cluster Nebula is a reflection nebula located 3,300 light years away in the constellation Cepheus. A young open cluster is responsible for illuminating the surrounding nebula. A recent survey indicates the cluster contains more than 130 stars less than 1 million years old. The nebula is rosebud-shaped; the young stars have blown a large, oddly shaped bubble in the molecular cloud that once surrounded them at their birth. The rosy pink color comes from glowing dust grains on the surface of the bubble being heated by the intense light from the young stars within.

Some details about this image:
Captured this image from the Negev desert Israel on Sep 27-28, 2019, (one night session). it took me a very long time to process this image with some difficulties that I had but finally it completed.
This is an LRGB version, I may add some more data in Ha NB filter sometime in the future. This image been captured in a Moonless night.

Image details:
Lum: 16x660sec @ -10*c` Bin 1x1.
R: 8x660sec @ -10*c` Bin 2x2.
G: 8x660sec @ -10*c` Bin 2x2.
B: 7x660sec @ -10*c` Bin 2x2.
Total integration time for subs: 7h,9m
This image has slightly been cropped to: 2735 x 2208 pixel.
I also added a frame to it.

Calibration frames, Bias, Dark, Flat were added for each filter.

Equipment details:
Mount- Losmandy G11 G2 modified
Scope- William Optics 152mm f/8 LZOS OK-4 optics, TMB design.
Camera- Starlight Xpress Trius SX694 mono & SX Filter Wheel & Astrodon 36mm unmounted E series Gen2 LRGB
Guider- SX Lodestar x2 & SX OAG
Flattener- TSFlat2.5, 2.5".

Camera & mount control- SGP via Ascom
Guiding- PHD2
Sky chart- Stellarium
Mount main control- via Ascom
Registration, Calibration & stacking images- Maxim DL5
Processing- PS CS6
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