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After studying abroad, if you want to come back to Vietnam to start a career, then with graduation degrees in Japan or South Korea, you can also choose to work for large Japanese and Korean companies based in Vietnam. The schools in these two countries are large in size, have large and beautiful campuses and meet the needs of international students. In particular, the quality of teaching is good with a team of lecturers almost masters and masters who are sent to train at famous universities in the world.

—Korean schools have a cafeteria for students at a low cost, you can buy a monthly meal coupon for only 4 ~ 6 million, but sometimes the quality of the meal will not be satisfactory. If you choose to eat out, of course the food will be more delicious but expensive. That means that if they are arrested for illegal work without being guaranteed by a school or an individual living in Korea, international students will be deported back to their home countries. KyungHee University is a good choice for international students to study in Korea.

According to Korean government regulations, international students are allowed to work over 20 hours / week (for language students and university students); 30 hours / week (for international masters students); Unlimited working time during summer and winter vacations. Foreign students are a financial source for universities and a means to enhance the image of the school on an international scale. As a result, universities tend to compete for foreign students. Although most Korean universities offer English-language courses, international students are usually required to take a Korean course of about 1 year before officially enrolling.

Korean study abroad consultant in Da Nang - Hanbee will bring you useful information when deciding to choose the land of kimchi - Korea as a place to develop your educational path. All students who apply to universities in one of the assessed schools with an escape rate of less than 1%, will be issued with a visa code in Korea and within 1 month (including time time for applying for admission to schools until visa is granted). For students who already have Korean or English, the interview will be conducted in that language. Particularly for students studying Korean language courses without foreign languages ​​in Vietnam, the Embassy will interview in Vietnamese and test some basic knowledge of Korean language (e.g. introduce yourself, read the count. , ...)

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