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About stepping beyond

I'm what you would call an adventurer. I've been interested in astronomy since I was a kid, Lost in Space really intrigued me , then Star Tek  but, when  I saw Carl Sagan on the t.v show Cosmos in the 80's I was so encapsulated  with his understanding of Planets..I view the heavens a lot, afraid that I might miss something really cool. .Astronomy is a passion  and hobby, scanning the sky is entertaining and a mission that I enjoy.I 'm a  Zhumellian  w/a Z10 reflector light cannon , Orion 8in astrograph newtonian w / modified Meade lxd55 mount /lx200 sft and I want to SHARE MY EXCITEMENT with the world and chat with other people with the same passion for the Worlds above. I think I've got a pretty good set up in the backyard, I can view whatever I want  with my arsenal of ep's and zooms .My companion and { CNA }wheels my Cannon out  and in for me , she understsands the importance of me being one with the Universes. She says the looks on my face are priceless when I spot a Galaxy , Nebulae or the ISS cruising through the ep.I'm just a grain of sand in a vast cosmic ocean, living on this pale blue dot we call home. May the force be with you.I'll be "Stepping Beyond to find life out there, so come join me and let's see what we can find out there in the Cosmic Ocean."  I 'M A  DISABLED ASTRONOMER"Living my life through the eyepiece and myasi174MM cooled images on my laptop.

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Birthday: 0001-01-01 00:00:00
Education: high school grad w/ some college
Gender: Male
Hobbies: Scanning the skies in search of something truly amazing
Language: English
Location: North Carolina east coast USA
Occupation: Disabled" handicapped"
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