Odyssey of Knowledge set for tomorrow in Athens

Posted by David Eicher
on Friday, April 24, 2015

1st International Conference of Science and Arts
Commemorative Tribute:
Hypatia from Alexandria (A.D. 370-415)


Conference Theme
"Humans and their Path to Knowledge at Times to Self-sacrifice"

Leading personalities of the global scientific community, such as
    the world-class evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins,
    the President of the Academy of Athens Dimitri Nanopoulos,
    the President Emeritus of the Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation Dionysios Simopoulos,
    the former President of Panteion University Georgios Kontogiorgis,

and from the arts as well, such as

    the architect, actress and politician Angela Gerekou, Spyros Merkouris,
    the internationally regarded music composer and inspirer of this conference Alexandros Hahalis,
    the distinguished soprano Jenny Drivala, and many others

participate in the 1st International Conference of Science and Arts titled “Humans and their Path to Knowledge at Times to Self-sacrifice.” This conference is organized by the Cultural Organization Apollo Temple with the contribution of the Cultural Association SAFEM, and will be held on Saturday, April 25th at the Auditorium "Athina 9.84" in Technopolis of Municipality of Athens, Greece.

The event will also be hosted live online via the e-learning program of the University of Athens and will be translated live from Greek to English and vice versa.

The conference is dedicated to the philosopher, mathematician and astronomer Hypatia (A.D. 370-415) on the occasion of 1,600 years since her violent death in Alexandria, Egypt. Hypatia is an internationally recognized personality by the global scientific community who sacrificed her life in the altar of knowledge, being at the same time a symbol of freedom and integrity.

A number of distinguished luminaries in the fields of science and arts will present their views on the path of history and humanity’s pursuit of progress, culture and civilization!

In more detail:

Richard Dawkins (evolutionionary biologist, writer, UK)
Dimitri Nanopoulos
, (physicist, President of the Academy of Athens)
Dionysios Simopoulos
(astronomer, President Emeritus of the Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation)
Stratos Theodosiou
  (prof. of Astrophysics, University of Athens, President of Greek Physicists Association)
Georgios Kontogiorgis, (writer, professor, former President of Panteion University)
Elisavet Spathari  (archaeologist, Director Emeritus of Ministry of Culture)
Potitsa Grigorakou (professor, historian of the eastern Greek culture)
Μichalis Kalopoulos (president of Scepticists of Greece, writer)
Giorgos Lekakis (folklorist, writer, journalist)
Dimitris Varvarigos (writer, Hypatia from Alexandria)
Μaria Tzani (professor emerita, University of Athens)
Xenofon Mousas (astronomer, via Skype)
Bettany Hughes (historian, writer, via Skype, UK)
David J. Eicher (editor-in-chief of Astronomy magazine, via Skype, USA)
Μark Boslough (physicist, via Skype, USA)
Aristarchos Mark Raukas  (professor of Philosophy, documentalist, via Skype, Esthonia)
Irini Leriou (writer, columnist)

Coordinating Panel
Alexandros Hahalis
Theodoros Mallias (psychologist, president of Fine Arts Association of Patras)
Vicky Bafataki  (archaeologist, journalist)

The conference will be introduced by the Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis, Angela Gerekou, Spyros MerkourisStephanos Voyazanos Roy, Εvaggelos Stogios, Αntonios Antoniadis.

Artistic Interventions (poetry, dance, music, figurative arts) will be taking place during the day:
Eva Apostolatou , Ekaterina Savchenko (Russia), Dareia Kornea,
, Vasileios Arapis, Μichalis Minaritzoglou, Walderedo de Oliveira (Brazil), Exikias, Μaria Kalantzi (painters)
Μaro Kouri
, Τita Bonatsou (photography)
Ipatia-Maria Gerolypatou
Αliki Markantonatou
(ancient lyraα, singing)
Sophia Andrianou

After the end of the lectures, Alexnadros Hahalis will present his music work dedicated to the great philosopher and her endless struggle towards knowledge with distinguished artists: Jenny Drivala
, Agapi Papamitsou, Gina Foteinopoulou (sopranos), Thodoris Birakos (baritone, trumpet), Nikos Touliatos (percussion), Κostas Gialinis, Olga Pappa, Paris Katsivelos (recitation).

Saturday, April 25th, at the Auditorium "Athina 9.84" at Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens - free entrance with production of an ID document
        Under the aegis of the Municipality of Athens

                     Watch the official announcement

                 Find full information on the official website

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