A visit to Meteorite Man Geoff Notkin's secret lair

Posted by David Eicher
on Monday, February 16, 2015

Meteorite Man Geoff Notkin in his TV studio in the new Aerolite Meteorite headquarters. // Credit: David J. Eicher
A couple days into the annual Tucson Gem Show, the mecca for meteorite collectors, I ran into my good friend Geoff Notkin. “What are you doing now?” he said. “Wandering around and photographing everything,” I said. “You have to come over and see my new meteorite headquarters,” said Geoff. And so off we went, a short distance away from the mineralogical district of the city, to see Geoff’s new Aerolite Meteorites house, which houses his meteorite dealership, serves as headquarters for the Meteorite Men, TV studio, and generally cool hangout. “It’s the ultimate lair I have always wanted,” said Geoff.

It is an incredibly cool place, and perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to drop in and see it when you are in Tucson.

The TV studio room looks like part spaceship and part sci-fi cave. The front room is a beautiful retro ’50s hangout decorated with all manner of cool stuff. Meteorites are everywhere, as are other associated artifacts, including such things as Harvey Nininger’s meteorite storage and display cabinet.

I was thrilled. And I wanted to share a few pictures so you can see the unique building before you come and see it in person.

Congrats, Geoff!

For all images from the trip, visit the Online Reader Gallery.

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