Astronauts, scientists, Nobel laureates, technologists, and artists to announce Asteroid Awareness Day

Posted by David Eicher
on Monday, December 01, 2014

Leading experts in astronomy, cosmology, physics, and entertainment will hold a simultaneous press conference in London and San Francisco on December 3 to announce Asteroid Day — a global day of awareness to educate the world about asteroids: what they are, how frequently they impact Earth, and how we can protect our planet and humanity from potential disasters. Asteroid Day will be held June 30, 2015, with events around the world hosted by individuals and organizations, at schools, museums, community and science centers, via film and entertainment.

Also to be released at the press conference will be a 100x Asteroid Declaration, signed by noted scientists, business leaders, educators, and entertainers. The declaration calls for the rapid hundredfold acceleration of the discovery and tracking of near-Earth objects (NEOs).

The UK and U.S. press conference will be linked via video between the London Science Museum and California Academy of Sciences.

UK: The Science Museum

  • Dr. Brian May: astrophysicist, musician, and lead guitarist for Queen
  • Lord Martin Rees: Astronomer Royal, emeritus professor of cosmology and astronomy, University of Cambridge, Honorary Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge

USA: California Academy of Sciences (CAS)

  • Tom Jones: U.S. shuttle astronaut; president, Association of Space Explorers
  • Dr. Ed Lu: U.S. shuttle astronaut; co-founder & CEO, Sentinel Mission
  • Rusty Schweickart: U.S. Apollo 9 Astronaut; co-founder, Sentinel Mission

Additional speakers include:

  • Dr. Ryan Wyatt, director, Morrison Planetarium & Science Visualization, CAS

Stay tuned for much more at on December 3.

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