An exhibition of astro art and jewels in Chicago!

Posted by David Eicher
on Thursday, April 19, 2012


I’ve known Tammy Kohl for many years — practically from the time I moved up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1982. She was the girlfriend of a friend at the time, and subsequently became a devoted jewelry artist in Chicago, Illinois, who has never lost her admiration for things astronomical. Now, Tammy and her collaborator Arica Hilton, a Chicago visual artist, have created an exhibition called “Where Stars are Born” at the Taköhl Gallery at 110 North Peoria Street on the city’s northwest side. The opening reception occurred last Thursday; the show rolls on through the end of May.

Arica Hilton, her fiancée Sven Asmus, and Tammy Kohl. Credit: Taköhl Design
Tammy describes herself as a “modern-day alchemist” and works with gemstones, gold, and silver. She forges a connection between minerals formed within Earth and the ones floating deep in space, she says. Many of her pieces are engraved, “I am a star,” and she likes to remind buyers of the cosmic elemental connections. Her clients include Renee Zellweger, Steven Tyler, James Gandolfini, and Helen Hunt.

Arica’s work is an “ongoing exploration into quantum physics in a visual attempt to show the interconnectedness between human beings and the interstellar clouds of dust and gas that form stars.” Her paintings depict the relationship between life and the great universe beyond, and she says she explores the universe “through sensual deployment of color by bringing attention to the rich, spectral underpinnings of the simplicity and richness of Earth and its universal counterparts.”

I can describe Arica’s paintings and Tammy’s jewelry as just straightforwardly stunning. They are amazing works of art in their own way, and I am thrilled that such fantastic pieces are inspired by astronomical themes.

If you’re in or near Chicago in the coming weeks, I heartily encourage you to stop in and see this exhibition. You will be amazed. For more information, contact Kelly Tribout at the Taköhl Gallery at (312) 421-6222, or


Tammy Kohl's Sunshine Ring. Credit: Taköhl Design


Tammy Kohl's Star Cluster Pendant. Credit: Taköhl Design


Tammy Kohl's Nebula Rising Pendant. Credit: Taköhl Design


Arica Hilton's Infinity. Credit: Taköhl Design


Arica Hilton's M27. Credit: Taköhl Design


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