Critical light pollution battle raging in Arizona

Posted by David Eicher
on Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I urge all of you, Arizona residents or not, to pay heed to a warning I’ve received about a terrible light pollution battle happening now in Arizona. The magazine’s longtime good friend and contributor Geoff Chester wrote a couple days ago about this, which I hope you will read about and act on.

This image shows North America’s light pollution. Credit: P. Cinzano/F. Falchi (Univ. of Padova)/C. D. Elvidge (NOAA NG Data Center)
The background is that in November 2011, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that electronic billboards were a violation of a state law’s ban on intermittent light pollution. But the Arizona Legislature is now moving to legalize electronic billboards in the state.

Again, I URGE you to read the report at the above link from the great organization that benefits us all, the International Dark-Sky Association, and to let your voice be heard whether or not you are an Arizona resident.


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