Activities planned for next transit of Venus

Posted by Michael Bakich
on Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I just received the following letter related to public and educational activities that amateur astronomers can participate in related to the June 6, 2012, transit of Venus.

Many of you have seen and responded last March to the appeal of Bill Sheehan for your involvement in the Transit of Venus Project. You are well aware of the unparalleled opportunities offered by the 2012 transit of Venus to promote astronomy education and public outreach.

The next transit of Venus is only one year away. We seized this moment to officially launch the Transit of Venus Project’s website today. Run under the aegis of Astronomers Without Borders, the project is made up of different activities to engage the public in this rare celestial event.

Activities will include measuring the solar system by timing the transit from widespread locations with a phone app, an archaeological experiment in which historic Venus transit observations are emulated using antique instruments, classroom activities for different levels of education, and the marking of significant sites of past transit expeditions. Your participation and support is highly appreciated.

The home page will be dynamic, featuring blog posts from various authors that inform the public on the transit from different angles and disciplines. If you would like to make a contribution to this platform, please contact us and you’ll be added as an author.

Other pages will feature lists of important historic sites, a calculator to compute the local circumstances of the transit, an observer’s guide, and much more.

If your are interested in becoming involved — whether as a planner and coordinator or as a participant or both — please let know your level of interest and the status of your personal preparations and plans to observe the transit. We also ask you to suggest the names of others who may be interested in participating.

Steven van Roode (on behalf of the Transit of Venus Project)

Thanks, Steven, for getting the word out. I also encourage everyone to check out the Project’s website at

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