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Learn Exactly How to Maintain Your Pressure Cookers in 5 Minutes

If you have the Best Rated Pressure Cooker  , it is important to maintain it after every single use. It may appear strong and offer years of service, but the only way you can get the most use of this kitchen appliance and to ensure its safe operation is keeping it clean.

One unit consists of many little parts, and in fact, they are the decisive factors whether your appliance can keep working appropriately. Below are some surefire tips and tricks that will help you maintain your cooker as well as you can.

1. Always keep its gasket free of dirt 

Like with any cooking pot, you need to clean this type of cooker following every use. Yet, the gasket is among the most crucial parts.

This rubber ring runs around the lid’s rim and does an excellent job of stopping the steam and heat from escaping from the pot throughout the cooking process.

Dust and oil can build up in it, so the chances are that the gasket will become loose over time. To ensure it is in good shape, you should check it from time to time for any damage or cracks.

For a pro tip, you can put some vegetable oil to this part to increase its lifespan. However, take care not to apply chemical oils since they may melt it after a while.

2. Remove accumulated matter from the vent pipe following every use

In case you do not know, even the top pressure cookers are vulnerable to blockage due to accumulation of food particles in the steam vent. Hence, you need to clean it after each use. If you ignore cleaning it, you will not just impair the normal function of your cooker but will end up with the meals that are below an average level of quality that deliver fewer nutrients.

To make the vent pipe clean, you should not use water but blow into it before lubricating it with vegetable oil.

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3. Stay away from harsh cleaning agents

While a lot of stovetop pressure cooker models out there today are dishwasher friendly, only putting it in a dishwasher sometimes fails to effectively remove food that is stuck to the appliance.

Instead, we suggest you use white vinegar and water for the best results. Avoid use of benzene-based or harsh chlorine cleaning agents. Boil the vinegar solution in the pot. After turning it off, add a tablespoon of baking powder and allow it to soak for some time, and then give it a good scrub.

Also, take care to avoid scrubbing the cooker too hard when you clean it – that way, you can prevent any damage to the materials. Never run the mixture over electronic or rubber parts. 

4. Use baking soda to store the appliance

After you are done with using and cleaning your best rated pressure cookers, you need to put it away in a dry place, for example, in an airtight box. Or else, you can store it by placing one open container of baking powder inside the device. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a small amount of baking powder inside your cooker to prevent any mold or moisture accumulation.

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The bottom line


As with any home gadget, cleaning your cooker is essential for its durability. By following the maintenance advice mentioned above, you will be able to save time and money by avoiding the need to replace parts in the future.

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