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Many popular television shows lack substance and are simply entertainment for entertainment's sake.

These shows often have little to no plot or depth and are simply there to fill up airtime - Big Brother.

As a result, they can be quite boring and unenjoyable to watch.+

A popular television show does not necessarily make for good entertainment. In fact, many popular television shows are nothing more than mindless drivel that does nothing to engage the viewer's brain.

The following six points will explore why this is the case and why popular television shows are often not worth watching. Body Title: Airing Times One of the main reasons why popular television shows are often not worth watching is because of their airing times.

Many popular shows air during primetime, which is typically when people are busy with work or other activities.

As a result, people often miss out on important plot points or miss entire episodes altogether. This can make it difficult to follow along with the show and can ultimately lead to frustration.

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