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[VIDEO] WATCH 'SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE' Season 1, Episode 1 - Online On | HBO
How to Watch ‘SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE’: When Season 1 Starts, When to Watch Episode 1


Somebody Somewhere - Season 1 Episode 1 : BFD
When the devastation of her sister Holly’s death trickles into her workplace, Sam finds an unexpected connection with her coworker Joel. Later, just as a fight with her other sister Tricia leaves Sam feeling further unmoored, Joel offers her a lifeline.
Genre: Comedy
Networks: HBO
Release: 2022-01-16
Status: Returning Series
Episode: 1
Quality: HD

Somebody Somewhere Episode 1: January 16 Premiere, Where To Watch Online and What To Know Before Watching?

Already in the trend, the upcoming comedy show by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen titled Somebody Somewhere is slated to premiere its first season this January at the Home Box office. With producer Shuli Harel, the show has a list of exactly produces too, namely Paul Thureen, Hannah Bos, Carolyn Strauss, Jay Duplass, Patricia Breen, Mark Duplass, Tyler Romary, and Mel Eslyn.

The series is a comedy show that will give you a taste of life, and it comes out as the first new series on HBO for 2022. So please continue reading to know all about the first season of Somebody Somewhere, where it streams, its show timing, and who all are there in the cast for the show.

Somebody somewhere season 1 episode 1 is slated for release on this coming Sunday, dated January 16, 2022, on HBO. The show has seven episodes in all, with each having a runtime of nearly half an hour. The show will release its episodes every week, that is, every Sunday of the week until the first season ends in February 2022.

Where to Watch Season 1 Episode 1 of Somebody Somewhere?
Somebody somewhere season 1 episode 1 can be availed for watching on HBO at the scheduled time of airing, i.e., at 10.30 pm ET/PT. Side by side, the show will also release its episode on HBO Max and its live broadcast on TV. The streaming service makes available the new series only to those who have subscribed to its service.

If you wish to watch this upcoming show, you can take the subscription that starts from $9.99 a month. The series can be caught on Sky Comedy for audiences living in the UK.

What to Know Before Watching Episode 1 of Somebody Somewhere?
The comedy show of Somebody somewhere, season 1 and episode 1, goes with the title BFD as named by Paul Thureen and Hannah Bos, with Jay Duplass handling the direction. The first episode shows the character of Sam trying to handle the loss of her sister Holly and how all of that starts impacting Sam’s professional life negatively.

But it is not late before she finds comfort in her colleagues Joel who now bonds with her. Then again, some face an unforeseeably bad event with her other sister Tricia, leaving her completely perplexed with insecurities.

Somebody Somewhere Cast and Characters

The new HBO series features in lead Joel Hiller portraying the role of Joel, with Bridget Everett as Sam, and Danny McCarthy playing the character Rick. Then there is Mary Catherine Garrison portraying Tricia Miller, Murray Hill as Fred Rococo, with Mike Hagerty seen on screen as Ed Miller and Hudson Odom playing Michael.

Somebody Somewhere Season 1 Trailer: Is it Out Yet?
Yes, the trailer of Somebody Somewhere is already available to watch. It shows a brief introduction of Sam and her story with her family. The trailer further shows her colleague Joel and what led her to return to Kansas.

Bridget Everett Shines in HBO’s Disarmingly Earnest Dramedy Somebody Somewhere

The new HBO series “Somebody Somewhere” is a comedy in the sense that its episodes are a half-hour long, which as of late seems to be sufficient to be labeled a comedy in the television world. A much more accurate way to describe it would be a half-hour drama that uses humor as a coping mechanism, and to great effect.

Bridgett Everett stars as Sam, 40-something and floundering, who is back in her hometown of Manhattan after more than a decade away with little to show for it. Not the Big Apple, to be clear, but the little one, aka “the eighth biggest town in Kansas.” Drawn back home by the death of her sister Holly six months prior, in whose home she now resides—on the couch, as she cannot bring herself to clear out Holly’s room—Sam remains in Manhattan not because she has a convincing reason to stay so much as because she has no reason to go. She works a mind-numbing job scoring essay questions on standardized tests and wiles away her weekends drinking wine at home alone, not so much living as killing time. And then, one day, a single conversation with a co-worker named Joel (Jeff Hiller) breaks Sam out of the mindless, achingly lonely routine into which her life has fallen. This moment of compassion and human connection has ripple effects that more or less constitute the bulk of the series.

Created by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, also credited with writing most of the episodes, “Somebody Somewhere” contains a significant autobiographical component for Everett, herself a Manhattan native. That authenticity shines through in a way that cannot be faked, in the specificity of the world and the characters that makes the series absorbing.

“Somebody Somewhere” is a true masterclass in not just crafting authentic, nuanced characters and building a fully engrossing world, but also naturalistic dialogue. The series makes it seem effortless in the way something expertly made so often does, yet closer inspection reveals the extent of the craftsmanship. Buoyed by stellar performances from the whole cast, the show demonstrates a rare understanding for the value of negative space and how to use it—when something is more effectively communicated through silence than with shoehorned dialogue, and how to shape those silences such that the unsaid is still conveyed with a wonderful degree of specificity.

Review: In ‘Somebody Somewhere,’ Home Is Like No Place
The cabaret singer and Kansas native Bridget Everett is subtle and stunning in an HBO comedy about finding your voice in midlife.

In a certain famous story about Kansas, the protagonist goes on a journey of discovery in a fantastical land, learns something about herself, then returns to a place of comfort by clicking her heels and saying, “There’s no place like home.”

In HBO’s lovely and eccentric “Somebody Somewhere,” which begins Sunday, a Kansas woman with a song in her heart sets out to find her way, not by leaving but by staying. There is a set of colorful companions. There are even, eventually, a tornado and a little dog.

But homecoming, and coming to feel truly at home, is a much more complicated process.

Sam (Bridget Everett) moved back to her hometown to care for her ailing sister Holly, who has since died. A gifted singer who once dreamed of going pro, Sam now spends her nights sleeping on the couch and her days reading essays under fluorescent lights at a test-grading center. As she confesses to her father (Mike Hagerty), one of the few people she feels comfortable with, “I don’t really know where I belong here.”


Sam’s road to finding a new home in her hometown begins when she befriends Joel (Jeff Hiller), a colleague at the test center who, she learns, was in high school show choir with her. (“It’s all good,” he says. “A lot of people don’t remember me.”) When Joel invites her to “Choir Practice” — a semi-sanctioned cabaret soiree that draws gay residents and other free spirits from the community, held after-hours in a mall church — she begins to find her voice and her place, as well as to untangle the hidden mess within her own family.

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