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"House of Gucci" has gotten a lot of buzz, because of its illustrious story of a wealthy family portrayed by a well-known cast. Alongside Driver and Gaga, the film stars Jared Leto, Salma Hayek, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and more. While the film has a theatrical release date of November 24, many homebodies are probably curious when and how they can watch Scott's latest film without having to go to the theaters to do so.



House of Gucci will open in theaters in the U.S. on November 24. House of Gucci is not available on streaming at this time, but after its theatrical run, you’ll eventually be able to buy and rent the film on Amazon Prime.

House of Gucci will open in theaters in the U.S. on November 24. House of Gucci is not available on streaming at this time, but after its theatrical run, you’ll eventually be able to buy and rent the film on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

The upcoming House of Gucci movie promises to blow the lid off all of the fashion family’s most shocking secrets.

Director Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci crime drama stars Adam Driver and Lady Gaga respectively as Maurizio Gucci, the former head of the fashion house and grandson of Guccio Gucci, and his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani. The movie will chronicle the couple’s

passionate romance and tragic demise. And spoiler: there’s a murder involved. Here’s everything you need to know about the House of Gucci movie, from what it’s about and who’s in the cast to how to watch the trailer and when it will hit the silver screen.

Right now, the only way to catch Lady Gaga and Adam Driver’s Italian family drama is by going to watch House of Gucci at a movie theater.

Here ‘House of Gucci’ Full Movie (2021) Watch Streaming Online Free

House of Gucci Release Date and Where You Can Watch It
House of Gucci is headed to theaters on November 24, 2021. As of now, it’s set to be exclusive for theaters. However, since the theatrical window has been considerably shortened in the wake of the pandemic, don’t be surprised if this heads to VOD not long after its theatrical release. That’s pure speculation on my part, though. But it’s worth taking note of.

“House of Gucci” will be available to own digitally on Feb. 1 and on Blu-ray, DVD and on demand on Feb. 22.

Directed by Ridley Scott, “House of Gucci” stars Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani, the wife of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), who was tried and convicted of orchestrating her ex-husband’s murder. It follows the events and aftermath of Gucci’s 1995 assassination, spanning three decades in the life of the high fashion family. “House of Gucci” also stars Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek and Al Pacino.

The Blu-Ray DVD and digital package includes all-new exclusive bonus content, including: “The Rise of the House of Gucci,” with details about how Scott’s vision of the film fell into place; “The Lady of the House,” showing viewers behind the scenes features about Gaga’s transformation into her role; and “Styling House of Gucci,” which showcases the creation of the intricate wardrobe pieces worn by the Gucci family, along with the sets.

Since the film’s theatrical release on Nov. 24, critics and fans have questioned whether Gaga and the rest of the star-studded cast will be able to beat out the other top contenders for the big awards. Gaga took home best actress for her portrayal of Reggiani at the New York Critics Circle on Dec. 3.

The SAG awards next month could change the tides moving toward the Oscars race, with Variety’s Clayton Davis saying early buzz may have changed. “Looking to other surprising inclusions and shocking snubs, many wonder if Lady Gaga’s place in best actress for ‘House of Gucci’ is as sure as it seemed weeks ago, following her New York Film Critics win,” wrote Davis. “Her co-star Jared Leto also looks to be losing some heat, but the SAG noms can reflect the race from weeks ago, not necessarily the moment.”

It’s hard to say exactly when House of Gucci will be on streaming.

House of Gucci is an MGM release, and unlike other movie studios during the pandemic, MGM has not had a consistent digital release strategy. Many studios are now exclusively premiering films in theaters for at least 45 days, meaning House of Gucci may not arrive at home until early 2022. Once the film does come to digital, you should be able to rent it on Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, Vudu, and more.

Will you be able to watch House of Gucci for free?
House of Gucci being on Paramount+ is good news for those who do not want to pay to see it. The service offers a seven-day free trial which gives viewers access to all its content.

After that point, the service costs $4.99 a month to watch with ads or $9.99 to watch without them. This offers viewers access to Paramount movies like the new Paranormal Activity reboot or the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7, as well as original shows like The Good Fight and numerous new Star Trek shows.

Which streaming service will get House of Gucci?
Sorry, Netflix subscribers: Another streaming service has the rights to the Adam Driver and Jared Leto movie.

International viewers may have noticed that the film is being distributed by Universal Pictures, meaning that you might expect NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock to have the rights. However, that is not the case. Things are a little bit complicated than this, so here is a little explanation on the deals that have led to House of Gucci finding a streaming home.

Crucially, the film is being produced by MGM, and MGM owns the digital channel Epix. The cable channel, therefore, has a deal that every MGM movie first plays on cable on it.

In February, Epix expanded its existing relationship with Paramount that also gives Epix the first-run cable rights to their movies. And Paramount, of course, has its own streaming service, Paramount+ (formerly known as CBS All Access).

As part of this expanded relationship, Paramount+ also gains access to MGM films after they air on Epix. This includes some big releases like No Time to Die, the upcoming Creed III, and a little film called House of Gucci.

Who is in the ‘House of Gucci’ cast?
The House of Gucci cast is an embarrassment of riches in terms of talent (not to mention Oscar nominations) as the film is headlined by Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek, Jeremy Irons, Camille Cottin, and Jack Huston.

Here is who everyone is playing in the film:

Lady Gaga – Patrizia Reggiani
Adam Driver – Maurizio Gucci
Al Pacino – Aldo Gucci
Jared Leto – Paolo Gucci
Salma Hayek – Pina Auriemma
Jeremy Irons – Rodolfo Gucci
Camille Cottin – Paola Franchi
Jack Huston – Domenico De Sole
What is the plot of House of Gucci?
House of Gucci is set in Italy, following Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider from humble beginnings, and her marriage into the Gucci family over three decades.

Patrizia starts to unravel the family legacy with her huge ambitions and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge – and ultimately murder.

Following the path from love to betrayal, decadence, and revenge, it depicts the events and aftermath of the 1995 murder of Maurizio Gucci, Italian businessman and head of the fashion house Gucci.

Maurizio Gucci was murdered by his own ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani.


We’ll avoid going into detail about the true-life event that the movie is based on in order to avoid spoilers, but if you want to know what happened you can look up the book that screenwriters Becky Johnston and Roberto Bentivegna based House of Gucci on — The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara Gay Forden.

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