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Tips on writing an excellent communication essay

Communication essay has to focus on one aspect of communication as it is a vast subject area. The fields of communication theory, methods, systems, and devices have expanded exponentially in the last two or three decades. According to Essaykitchen.net,the growth in these fields has made the world a smaller place bringing people together as never before. Communication can have many slightly different meanings depending on the context. But the basic idea of communication is exchange of information. Even the animals communicate using five sensory mediums, although the information they communicate is very basic. Therefore, writing of this essay will be of much relevance to any student.

Different Disciplines and Subjects that study Communication

Due to the diversity of many aspects of the field there are many independent subjects studied under different disciplines. Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Fine arts, Business studies and Natural Sciences are the disciplines that study different aspects of communication as subjects. Nature of communication is studied under communication theory which is a highly scientific subject involving mathematical modeling of processes involved in communication. The various means, channels, forms and uses of communication are studies under mass communication. There are numerous interesting essay topics under any of the above subjects making selection of a topic an easy task.

Formulating a Thesis for Communication Essay

https://perfectessay.com advises having found a narrow topic from your subject area for the strong>communication essay the next task is to formulate a thesis and write a thesis statement. Thesis statement is the main idea of the essay. The form of writing should be chosen depending on the assignment criteria. Some good thesis statement examples are as follows:

•Cause and effect essay: Lack of communication within a family causes breakdown of relationships and families

•Argumentative essay: Despite the availability of TV debates, E-male campaigns, Radio programs and social networks, mass meetings play a big role in political campaigns

•Persuasive essay:  Monitoring and controlling violent and pornographic material in the internet has become a necessity because these affect children’s mental health.

Structure for the Communication Essay

For high school assignments, five paragraph essay format is adequate, but for college assignments students are expected to look beyond the five paragraph essay. Even then students can use the basic idea of using the five paragraph format and develop their own format. If you are writing a communication essay for a high school assignment here are the basics of five paragraph essay:

•Introduction: Give the background information to the topic, followed explaining the topic and finish the paragraph with thesis statement

•Body paragraph 1: Here you can write first idea, argument, evidence or the step of a process depending on the type of your essay.

•Body paragraph 2: Write your next point

•Body paragraph 3: Write your last point

•Conclusion: This part also can take different styles according to the type of the essay. But summary of the body paragraphs and reassertion of the thesis statement is necessary in this paragraph.

Get Help to write the Communication Essay

Students can get essay help to write very good essays that shine and always get high grades. Service like https://customessayorder.com/do-my-assignment is realible and will save your time. If you need help in finishing the communication essay it is possible to get help and obtain super grades. If you enlist help from best essay writing company you can submit your essay on time and get the best possible grades.

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