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I stared in horror at the neon green numbers on my clock. The university I was attending this year was incredibly strict. I was excited at first about their 100% success rate, until I learned they did so well due to the harsh discipline they inflicted on their students breaking any of their rules. There was no other college like it in the world - but I knew they would push me towards graduating with excellent grades and a degree...whether I liked it or not.

My English lit professor, Mr. Allen, warned me if I was late one more time to my 9AM class, I would be severely punished. He was a stern man in his late 50's, silver hair and mustache. He towered over me at 6'2 and 225 lbs. I had always been a tiny girl, and at 20 years, I was only 5 ft and 108lbs. He was almost cheerful when discussing his passion, literature, in class but when he had a demand, no one would dare to ever question him, or what he wanted. I hurriedly put on little lace panties, a white button up blouse and plaid kilt. I knelt down and reached under the bed for a pair of my white knee high stockings and my black Mary Janes.

"Don't give me that look," I told the giant 6' ft teddy bear who sat on the edge of my bed. I glanced at my full length mirror on the wall, my amber eyes twinkling back at me as I quickly combed my fingers through my long, wavy red hair. "Maybe I can talk my way out of this one."

I grabbed my black satchel filled with my books and quickly ran from my dorm room to Mr. Allen's class. I attempted to quietly open the door and slip inside, but Mr. Allen's green eyes lit up the moment he spotted me sneaking into the room. I breathed in deeply as I heard the annoyance in his voice.

"Well, if it isn't Iris," Mr. Allen said mockingly. "How kind of you to finally join us."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Allen," I said. I began to blush, as one of my stockings was slipping down, and the other students were staring at me. "I think it's my clock. The alarm didn't go off. I'll have to get a new one."

"Come up here, Iris." Mr. Allen motioned toward his desk.

I gingerly stepped forward. "It won't happen again, Sir."

"Let's make certain it doesn't, hmm? Tardiness is VERY UNBECOMING of a young lady, Iris. WHEN I REQUIRE YOU TO BE ON TIME, I EXPECT YOU TO BE ON BLOODY TIME!"

I stood at the front of his desk, facing him, my back to the other students, as I kept my eyes on the ground. "Yes, Sir." I agreed.

"You know what I think, Iris?" Mr. Allen stepped closer to me, and my head brushed against his chest. "I think you were out late, partying all night, and that's why you forgot to set your alarm."

I tried to speak, but he demanded my silence.

"YOU WILL BE QUIET WHEN I AM SPEAKING TO YOU! I am your teacher, I am IN CHARGE while you are in MY classroom, and you will treat me with the proper respect! Come here!" Mr. Allen forcefully grabbed both my wrists and held them together. "Look at me when I am speaking to you, Iris!"

"Yes, Mr. Allen," I said, looking up into his steel-blue eyes.

To my shock, he lowered his other hand, while still holding my wrists tightly, and yanked up my tiny kilt, giving the entire class a clear view of my tiny white lace panties. Mr. Allen grabbed one of my *** cheeks, squeezing it tightly, until I cried out. "It's this *** that gets you into so much trouble, Iris! You see this class! Let it be a warning to the rest of you what will happen when you disobey me! Iris, remove your panties and bend over on top of my desk. Immediately."

Tears were rolling down my cheeks, but I didn't want to quit my school...what would everyone think if I left the best and highest rated university in the country? I needed to do as he said and learn my lesson. "Yes, Sir," I said, slipping off my panties until they fell to the floor, and lowering myself down onto the top of his desk.

"Pull up your skirt, Iris," Mr. Allen demanded. "Let the whole class get a good view of your ***."

I did as he commanded and glanced over my shoulder to see all my classmates smirking happily. It was a competitive school, and they were all too glad to see me being reprimanded for my error in time management. I could feel their smug joy, and I looked away, knowing I had to brace myself for whatever Mr. Allen had designated as my punishment. I heard him undoing his belt, and I kept my skirt lifted.

"YOU ***!" He had wrapped the belt around his hand, and brought it down without warning onto my bare flesh. "YOU LITTLE WHORE! You'll never be late again in your entire life, and all thanks to me! I want to hear it, whore! I want to hear your appreciation!"

"Thank you, Sir," I whimpered, as the belt came down upon me again. Over and over, I thanked Mr. Allen every single time he spanked me. He was satisfied once I was a sore, bruised mess sobbing on his desk.

"You see that, class? Iris is sorry. But oh no, she hasn't learned her lesson yet. I'm going to teach her what happens to girls who stay out late and don't study." Mr. Allen unzipped his pants and I heard my classmates snickering gleefully.

"TAKE IT, you ***," Mr. Allen said, as he shoved his hard *** up right into my tight, bruised ***. He grabbed my wrists and slammed them down onto the desk. I cried out as he continually thrust up inside me, and used one hand to rip my blouse open, the buttons spilling across the classroom floor. He shoved me down onto his desk until my *** were tightly pressed up against the wood, and I squealed. 

"Shut up, whore! If you're late one more time, I'll let the rest of the class *** you too! How would you like that? I bet you would, wouldn't you! Every finger, every tongue, every *** in all your *** holes! Admit it!"

"Yes, Sir. I'm a dirty little *** who deserves to get used, Sir."

"Finally, you admit the truth," Mr. Allen yelled, and roared as he came, shooting his hot load of cum into my ***. He collapsed on me for a few moments, then got up to readjust himself and zip up his pants. He put his belt back on. I lay still on the desk, waiting for his next command.

"Get up, Iris. Collect your panties and buttons, and dress yourself. Do it carefully. If you get any cum on my floor, then you'll get down there and lick it up. Then you may sit down and we'll continue with today's lesson." Mr. Allen waited until I was finished, and I had taken my seat.

I noticed the way many of the other students were gazing hungrily at me, as if ravenous for my bare flesh. I looked away nervously. I would make certain I always arrived at least fifteen minutes early from now on. And after class, I planned to properly thank Mr. Allen for all his guidance and motivation, on my knees, like a good

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