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Provigil modafinil is a stimulant drug marketed as a ‘wakefulness promoting agent’ and is one of the stimulants used in the treatment of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is caused by the dysfunction of a family of wakefulness-promoting and sleep-suppressing peptides, the orexins, whose neurons are activated by modafinil. The exact mechanism of action is unclear, although in vitro studies have shown it to inhibit the reuptake of dopamine by binding to the dopamine reuptake pump and lead to an increase in extracellular dopamine.

Who can buy Provigil Online?
People dealing with sleep issues such as Shift work sleep disorders, Hypersomnia, and Sleep Apnea can go for this medicine. But this can be done only when the issue has been diagnosed by a medical practitioner and the drug has been prescribed by him to the patient. The medication should not be consumed by people who have no sleep issues or not suffering from daytime sleep attacks. One must seek medical advice when it comes to buy Provigil online.

Safety Information:

The tablets are forbidden to use for people with allergies to the drug or skin rash. In order to be sure of the safety of tablets check whether you have the following diseases:


Liver problems (liver cirrhosis)

Kidney pain

High pressure

Heart disease

If you had a heart attack

Mental problems

 Drug addiction or excessive alcohol consumption:

At the moment, scientists have not found the negative aspects of the drug on young kids. So you must prevent your physician about your plans for pregnancy. The medicine influences the hormonal substances for contraception (the pills, patches, injections, and coils) which will result in an unwanted pregnancy. Consult your doctor to find out which way would be best when taking these pills to prevent pregnancy. The effect of tablets on breast milk and on the baby is not yet known, but they are undesirable for children under 17 years.

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