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The structure

The structure of a thesis is usually a fixed one, designed to make the work easy to read, but also to assist the thesis holder in his/her work.

The mandatory elements of the thesis structure are:

  • Cover
  • Internal title page
  • Table of contents
  • Excerpt
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Literature review sub-chapter
  • Literature review sub-chapter
  • My primary research
  • Aim of my research
  • To formulate hypotheses
  • Context of my research
  • Methodology of my research
  • Research results and their evaluation
  • Answering the hypotheses
  • Summarising, making recommendations
  • Bibliography
  • Annexes

The layout of the cover and the inside cover of the thesis is usually bound - please consult the website of the institution. In the case of the table essay writing service of contents, it is worth using an automatic list, as you can change the titles and contents of the chapters to your liking, or even replace them, with just a few clicks to see the latest version.

In the introduction, you should explain why you have chosen the topic, how you relate to it, why it is topical, what value it has and what you are trying to achieve by writing your thesis. In this chapter you can express your own opinion, but in all other chapters, except the summary, you are not allowed to express an opinion and must concentrate objectively on the analysis.

It is advisable to divide the literature review into several main chapters and sub-chapters, as a long, bulky text will not be easy to read, so it is worth dividing it into sections.

In the case of primary research, we should formulate the purpose of the research and formulate hypotheses or research questions in order to focus the investigation. Then present the research setting, the methodology, the results and their evaluation. After presenting the results, answer your hypotheses or research questions. Do not worry if your hypotheses have not been confirmed, the fact that a statement has been proved true is completely irrelevant for the evaluation of the thesis.

In the summary section, you can express your opinion and your own suggestions, as in the introduction, but be sure to include the main findings of the thesis.

At the end of the thesis, there is a bibliography and annexes, which are also mandatory elements of the thesis.

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