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My name is Danielle. I LOVE ASTRONOMY. I've had a huge passion for it for about 15 years. I'm 22 and not in school yet. My dream is to become an Astronomer and work for NASA. A while back, I made a decision not to go into Astronomy because I don't feel like I would be smart enough to understand all that physics, so I was going to become a nurse instead. Well, about a week ago, I decided that I have to continue to follow my dream. I can't live my life knowing I have a dream that I'm not even trying to accomplish. So now I'm back on track and ready for what's thrown at me. I'm not currently in school, but I will hopefully be in school in the next two years.

I am a wife and mother. I got married one month before my 20th birthday, to my high school sweet heart. We have currently been married for 2 years, and together for 4 years. Our son will be 2 in a few months. I'm hoping to make some friends that have the same passion as me. My other passion is music. It makes everything better. 

I want friends with the same passion. My Facebook is listed. Feel free to add me (just make sure to tell me you're from here)

God gave us a whole Universe to explore. Why not take advantage of it?

Now, I'll leave you on a quote that I find fascinating:

"Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." -Arthur C. Clarke

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