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How To Give Crate Training To Your Dog

Everyone wants a well-behaved dog or a puppy and to make sure that your ESA dog behaves well, you will need to train him yourself or to get it professionally trained.


While you can use the crate is a cage to imprison your pet or emotional support dog, you can use the same crate as a den and make it look like a shelter or a home for it. Get an esa letter for housing from a legitmate website to be legalize your ESA.

Here is a quick guide to crate train your ESA dog quickly and effectively.


1. Food in Crate


Appreciate your dog for entering into the crate. You can reward it by giving some food items. Apart from that, make your emotional support dog eat its regular food in the crate. This will make him think it’s more like its home and he will be comfortable living in it.


2. Command and Practice


Practice command with your ESA dog. Help him to practice living more into the crate and seeing it more as a home. With time, make him spend more time in the crate. Call it to the crate or command it. This will help you get control of your dog and eventually it will be a well-behaved dog.


3. Leave the ESA in the Crate


When it is used to the crate, leave it inside when you have to go out. It will make it even more comfortable and it will get used to staying inside. This training is really important if you are planning to travel with your ESA and do not want to leave it behind.


Being a responsible citizen, every one of us should be aware of everyone’s rights, and not let our pets and ESAs harm anyone in any way possible.


To avoid any trouble, both for ourselves and our fellow citizens, we should consider crate training for our dogs. 


Note that if you have an ESA, you also need to train it because an emotional support dog letter is not enough to justify the behavior of your dog. 


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