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Theoretical part of the diploma
After you and your supervisor have chosen a topic, have decided on the sources that you will use, set a goal and objectives for yourself, you can proceed to writing the thesis project itself.

The graduation work often consists of two main parts: theoretical and practical. Today we will look at how to write the first theoretical chapter, which will set the tone for the entire work.

What is a theoretical chapter
Theory must be present in every work. Thanks to her, the commission will be able to assess how well the student is able to search for information and analyze it. This chapter should include several classifications, conclusions and approaches from different sources on the chosen topic at once. This will show that you have taken into account several opinions at once and are ready to talk about the problem from different points of view.

Why theory is needed
This part is needed in order to form a logical and clear basis on the basis of which the research in the second (practical) chapter will be conducted. In order for the chapter to be as informative and justified as possible, it is necessary to study the research topic, relying on scientific sources, analyze several points of view, form your idea of ​​the idea of ​​the topic being studied, and then provide a logical explanation of the practical research and move on to it.

How to work with theory
At first glance, it seems that the theoretical part is just an analysis of the works written by other scientists. But writing it is a little more complicated and confusing. Let's figure out how to work with theory.

To write a high-quality and informative chapter, it is necessary to bring the sources that are in stock into a single system. Conduct a deep analysis of the works and describe your own view of the problem. At the end, you need to perform theoretical developments on what you read.

But do not rewrite entire chapters from scientific papers, as your manager or commission is likely familiar with these sources and will quickly catch you that you do not know how to work with literature. It is necessary to pass all the information through yourself and write an analysis of what you read, write your thoughts. After the collection of information is complete, you can start writing.

What is word count in a theoretical chapter
In order for the thesis to be informative and balanced, it is necessary to remember how many pages should be in the theoretical chapter and how many in the practical one. The standard volume of a thesis is 60-70 pages. The theoretical part is approximately 25-30% of the total work.

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Due to the small volume of theory, the whole work can sag. Since the first chapter is the support for the second. And if there is not enough information on previous studies, it will be impossible to conduct your own.
A theoretical chapter can be divided into several sections, since the study can cover more than one aspect.

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