Knowledge is power, literally?

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Posted by Primordial on Sunday, February 02, 2014 9:43 AM

Antitax : Yes, or at least an attribute of power. However Information and time appear to be linked, and possibly the same attribute of probability, similar to permutations of reality. Just an opinion.

Consider this, I like to think of the vacuum ( also  assumed under the pretense of nothing, or inert. ) as the energy without information or permutations. Then introduce order as an observer. This approach can only be taken from my understanding of permutations which have only two groups, that of order and that of disorder, of which each would observe the other relative to, their reality. Just think about it.

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Knowledge is power, literally?
Posted by Antitax on Sunday, February 02, 2014 8:58 AM

   Part of quantum physics (or the whole of it, I don't study that closely) says everything, matter and energy, boils down to information. To paraphrase it mathematically, i=E=mc², or to paraphrase it verbally, knowledge is power, power being energy or its equivalent mass.

   Assuming my immodest "enhanced" equation is true, does it mean information can be turned into matter, indirectly or even directly? Does it also mean matter can become information, directly, or indirectly through the energy stage?

   And since space has always been known as information, that is the x,y and z coordinates of three-dimensional space, does this imply information has become space? Maybe directly or through an indirect stage?

   I left out time because I believe it does not exist, it's an illusion caused by our limited minds' need to take information bits by bits, in a sequence, but always in the present, the sole moment in "time". If our minds were wide enough to grasp all information at once, the need to break it down and sequence it would disappear, thus the illusion of time would disappear.

   But my main point here is, can we say knowledge is power, literally?

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