Time Travel Via Wormhole Breaks the Rules of Quantum Mechanics

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Time Travel Via Wormhole Breaks the Rules of Quantum Mechanics
Posted by Poppa Chris on Thursday, January 23, 2014 3:11 PM

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Posted by Antitax on Thursday, January 23, 2014 3:58 PM

   This is only my personal theory, but if you consider everything is information to be read by sentient beings, time travel is merely going from one bunch of information to another, which can be done in the "present".

   Meaning not somewhere in time, cause time does not exist really. You can start a YouTube video and leap forward into the "future" video information, "skipping time", or "traveling" through it. You can also "go back in time" if you go from the fourth minute in the video to the first.

   That's only going from reading a bunch of information to reading another bunch, and time is only an illusion created by the order in which you play them, while really all reading is done in the present, a non-flowing "moment". All so-called future and past information exists simultaneously, the inability to read it all at once makes it look like there's an imposed flow of time, but it's only because our limited mind must take in the info bits by bits.

   A broader mind might read more info at once and feel like "time" flows faster than ours. Could be that animals feel time flowing more slowly than us cause they process less info with their lesser brains. And it could be that a thoroughly evolved mind reads everything at once, losing all sense of time.

   That mind is aware of all the data in the YouTube video at once, thus the image-by-image flow is not needed, and is even a hindrance to awareness of the video.

   When you have a hunch something will happen, and it does, you have "skipped time" in the YouTube video, and brought a bit of the information into the "present".

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Posted by Iggle on Thursday, January 23, 2014 6:22 PM

Antitax, I would think that entropy could always be used to orient the arrow of time.  You know you are going forward in time when entropy is increasing...and vice-versa.  Maybe time is really the measuring stick for the amount of entropy in the universe.  i.e. time does exist.

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