The Cone and Fox Fur Nebula in Artistic SHO

Posted by BobFranke
on Friday, February 22, 2013

North is to the right
The Cone Nebula, located about 2700 light years away, was discovered by William Herschel on December 26, 1785. Features in the image include red emission from diffuse interstellar hydrogen and wispy filaments of dark dust. The dark Cone Nebula region clearly contains much dust which blocks light from the emission nebula and open cluster NGC 2264 behind it. One hypothesis holds that the Cone Nebula is formed by wind particles from an energetic source blowing past the Bok Globule at the head of the cone.
Source: NASA APOD.

The image uses the Hubble color palette, with SII, Ha and OIII data mapped to red, green and blue respectively. Finally, added LRGB data creates this more artistic motif.

Taken from 12/11/2012 to 2/5/2013 in Chino Valley,
AZ Takahashi FSQ – 106ED w/ an SBIG STF – 8300 camera using Baader filters   

Exposure Details  
  SII   330 min. (22 x 15 min.)  
  Ha    420 min. (28 x 15 min.)  
  OIII  420 min. (28 x 15 min.)  
  Lum   450 min. (45 x 10 min)  
  Red   100 min. (10 x 10 min.)  
  Green 150 min. (15 x 10 min.)  
  Blue  180 min. (18 x 10 min.)

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