Big Bang 2 and so on....

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Big Bang 2 and so on....
Posted by Arioch on Sunday, December 29, 2013 1:06 PM

Hiya All,

a point that I have often chewed upon is that if the universe is infinite, could not a whole series of 'big bangs' have also occurred elsewhere and at different times across the expanse of space and what would happen if they began to intersect?  They could be occurring like drops of rain across the infinite universe and not unique to just our little segment of space?

Makes me wonder anyway.



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Posted by Antitax on Monday, December 30, 2013 8:37 AM


   I was thinking something similar these days. Some physicists who dub themselves information physicists equate everything, matter, space and energy, with information. A branch of quantum physics says nearly the same if I get it right. And here's the kicker: information can be multiplied infinitely. When I share an apple between ten people, each gets one tenth of the apple.

   However when I share information with ten people, each gets the full info, it has been multiplied. Unless something limits this multiplication, but I see nothing limiting it, it can be done infinitely. Conceivably, while I can't multiply an apple in the conventional way, if I multiply the quantic info about it, I can spur new "conventional" or "material" apples into our usual plane of existence and perception.

   And if the equation (equality) between information and matter/space/energy can be extended that far, indeed, a universe can be multiplied infinitely wihtout resorting to magic. Just duplicating the info duplicates the universe. Maybe changing the info during the copying could create a universe with different properties, by the way. Could it be that merely lying, erring or joking alters a whole universe? With this theory it seems so.

   EDIT: This duplication could explain why a single universe expands, it simply duplicates its space information to create new space. Could also be that new matter and energy is created, thus the old Fred Hoyle idea of the "steady state universe" is not senseless, and a Big Bang is not necessarily needed.

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Posted by DaveMitsky on Saturday, January 04, 2014 3:15 PM


I believe that this is essentially the concept of eternal inflation, an outgrowth of Big Bang inflationary theory in which quantum fluctuations in the vacuum energy result in “bubble" or "pocket universes".

Dave Mitsky

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