"The Universe IS NOT Expanding.......Like Scientists Understand and says....."

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"The Universe IS NOT Expanding.......Like Scientists Understand and says....."
Posted by charliecarlos on Friday, August 21, 2009 1:34 PM

Everythig created needs to have a Creator. What ever is the  creator's name. Scientists should not only study sciences, Open minded persons study everythings. So, Christobal Columbus, studied the bible and lots of other books and he was the only person who was confident that the earth was not "plane", but, its shape is spheric,( an sphere). I have been observing that lots of things have elliptical forms and shapes. Marine organisms, storms, tornados, galaxies, and I don't see plane bodies in the universe, square,rectangles, or triangular forms or shapes. And everything known up-to date, because of the gravity law, have to have a "center". Bodies attract each other because of the square of a distance from its centers!!!!. So, to me, inmediatelly after the big-bang, which is nothing else than God's,(the creator's) word, when He said: "let the light be, and the light was in form of matter according to: E=MC2, the virtual particles came up to start the universe formation and evolution transformig themselves from His word into matter. Scientists are trying to  reach to the point of "singularity", black holes singularity, where at this point, all matter disappear. Matter, at this point is transformed into unseen and unknown energy--energy that came up from God's voice, espiritual energy, because HIS kingdom is Spiritual. In Einstein equation, E=MC2--the letter E means energy which is the same as spirit. The letter M means matter, ( seen and un-seen matter), and C means the transformation of  E into M  at light speed. Because the light speed, comming up from the matter forms the physical world in this equation. I have modified  this equation into: Vp = DE  times  DM  divided  into  C  infinite. Where Vp = virtual particles, DE= dark energy, Dm = dark matter and  C is infinite because it was created by an : "Inmortal  Creator".  Dr. Steven  Hawking said once that while life exist in the universe, the universe itself will exist. So, the Creator is Inmortal, but not the creation, the creation will exist with eternal life, which can live forever, but not by itself, like the Creator. The bible says that the universe will be transformed into a new one, after the final judgment day and because of the sin of Adan and  Eva in the Eden Garden, all creation sins at once. Finally, when I say that the universe isn't  expanding is because astronomers and cosmologists  are observing optical illusions movements  of the universe in expansion, but because of the big-bang "explosion", (because there was no sound),  the universe seems to be in expansion but the remaining HUGE back hole formed after the big bang explosion is, like a whirlpool  forcing the universe to move around it and eating it so that the creation after the sin, was tresformed into a siner one and it have to be transformed into a new one without sin, together with humanity. This is why I think the universe is not expanding, but instead rotating around a black hole, the same as galaxies do. And this is why scientists measure only a 10 % of matter out of the 100 % initially. The center of the universe have a HUGE black hole eating it, remanent of the big-bang explosion.

Thank you for this opportunity.......

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Posted by tkerr on Friday, August 21, 2009 2:07 PM
That's one heck of an introduction.

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Before pursuing further discussion on this matter as you have it stated in your above introduction I feel I must caution you on the direction such discussion could take. Certain topics are prohibited here within these forums because experience with them has not resulted in friendly discussion. I suggest carefully reviewing forum policies and guidelines before continuing, and perhaps even spending a little time getting to know all the active members here first.

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