Transporting a 12" dob?

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Transporting a 12" dob?
Posted by Lamar Doolittle on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 10:43 AM

I just bought a 12" intelliscope. I need a way to transport it outside and then maybe 200 yards or more through my yard and out into a pasture.

I'm thinking a full size hand truck with tall wheels is easiest, mainly because I have to get the scope out of the house which means down steps.

BUT, if I had a place to keep it without steps, I've thought a platform with 3 wheels and jacks to level it would work better because I could level the scope quicker.

Has anyone ever put levelers on their dob base?

How do you move your stuff?

How do you carry all the extra stuff? books, ep's, filters. I've got 3 aluminum cases but need ideas on getting all this out there.



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Posted by Poppa Chris on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 11:39 AM

The three-wheeled platform is fairly common and even commercially available (JMI sells a good one, Scope-Buggy is another).  The addition of 2 or 3 telescope crank-up lifts such as are found on the tongues of small boat trailers would take care of your leveling idea.  The ones without wheels would give your scope a sturdy level platform that wouldn't move around on you.

I use a large plastic "gang-box" (Wal-Mart automotive and tools dept.) to keep my EP and accessory cases along with a few other odds and ends like mosquito repellant, 12V hand dryer, couple of books, etc.  The box resides upon a hand truck that converts to a 4-wheeled cart (Sam's Club).

Since my scope is stored in a JMI wheeled case and now the accessories are also on a wheeled truck moving mmy rather bulky CPC1100 is a snap.

---Poppa Chris---

Denham Springs, Louisiana USA

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Posted by jimcle on Thursday, September 19, 2013 7:14 AM

I built a sled that I use to transport my DOB.I made it out of an old door and an old pair of down hill skis.It works well if you don't have to go up and down a lot of stairs.I find that it is not as tippy as a wheeled device.You also do not get the banging and jarring you get from wheels going over small lumps or roots in you yard. I originally made mine for winter but it works so well i have been using it this summer as well.

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Posted by Bill Weir on Monday, September 23, 2013 9:38 PM

Your first idea of a hand truck is good. Get one with tall wheels and be done with it. Extend the platform it will rest on for better support on the base. Pad the uprights so you don't ding up the scope tube. Bungee cord of ratchet strap it on and you are good to go. If you plan to wheel things 200 yards across a field I don't think a three wheeled dolly would be the most stable. If the pasture is your property then I suggest just leveling out the spot you will be setting up on and laying down some paving stones. For all the rest of the stuff how about a nice gardening wagon. Big wheels, high sides and when not being used for hauling astro gear I'm sure you will find other uses.



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