A gallery of Aerolite Meteorites

Posted by David Eicher
on Friday, February 14, 2014

A 67.7-gram slice of the beautiful pallasite Seymchan, which features an iron-nickel matrix and crystals of olivine, from the fall in Magadan, Russia, which was found in 1967. Aerolite Meteorites. // photo by David J. Eicher
OK, heading into the weekend, with meteorites everywhere at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, here are images of some of the interesting specimens I saw at Geoff Notkin’s room. You probably know Geoff as one of the Meteorite Men, from the TV show on the Science Channel, along with Steve Arnold. Geoff’s company, Aerolite Meteorites, always has very high caliber and quite interesting specimens. See his website here.

I was overwhelmed by the unusual and beautiful specimens in his display, as I am every year. Below is a link to some of them, to get you thinking about heaven and Earth as the weekend opens up. Much more coverage of my trip to Tucson is yet to come.

To see more images, visit the Reader Photo Gallery.

Have fun!

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